29 de febrero de 2008

Today on...
Solsoul Disco 2902/1

Jimmy Sabater
To Be With You

Salsa Records, 1976

John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra

Jumbo Caribbean Disco (Makossa Intl.), 1978


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Anónimo dijo...

yes, great tunes. btw both singles was reissued on CD compilations later on Disco Spectrum vol.1 & Disco Demands vol.2

Anónimo dijo...


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, dijo...

As a help to readers wo don't understand spanish (I figured it out by trying and searching, as I don't understand spanish either):

click (better: right-click) on the PHOTO, that will lead you to another website (called fotolog) of the same owner (Solsoul or Raider), and there will be share-links for the music downloads.

I don't really understand the whole purpose, or what fotolog even is, I have not heard of that before.

But anyway, you must click on the foto to get to that other site, and if you do that with right-click, you will leave the blogspot site open and open the fotolog site in addition.

I hope this is helping other non-spanish speaking readers.