9 de diciembre de 2008

Merry Christmas!

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jerome green dijo...

Hi SolSoul,

This is one of the all time great Dance music Christmas tracks. I played this one morning a few days ago and my daughter was singing it to herself all day at school. Thanks so much for giving everyone a taste of the old time New York disco holiday scene.

Peace, Jerome

jerome green dijo...

Oh, I forgot,

Thank you for the new Montana Orchestra Christmas LP photo with your logo. LOVE IT!

Peace, Jerome

Anónimo dijo...

como se puede bajar esta musica?

albgardis dijo...

happy Holidays to you too, and all fellow readers.

This album I cannot hear, it seems to be streaming? My 28 kbps won't do that... (no typo, really twenty eight)

Thank you so much for all the great music you shared, your blog has been such a great gift for me since I found it last summer.