14 de junio de 2008

Re-quest: South Shore Commission
Wand Records LP, 1975

Handle With Care (5:53)
Before You're Gone (4:39)
I'd Rather Switch Than Fight (3:47)
Free Man (7:21)
We're On The Right Track (4:50)
Just A Matter Of Time (4:36)
Train Called Freedom (5:16)
Any Day Now (6:16)

Unico album de esta formacion, el cual grabaron integramente en Philadelphia (Sigma Sound Studios) con la produccion de Bunny Sigler (y Harris en We're On The Right Track) y que salio bajo el sello Wand a finales de 1975. Los cortes con los que obtuvieron mas exito fueron tres: "Free Man", "A Train Called Freedom" y, para mi el mejor, "We're On The Right Track", que, no en vano, fue una version de la misma (exacta) version que ya habian grabado dos años antes unos tal Ultra High Frequency.
El album fue mezclado por el gran Tom Moulton y, como curiosidad, decir que cuenta con parte de los musicos de Instant Funk (bajista, guitarrista y bateria).
A pesar de los 3 cortes comentados anteriormente, tambien cabe destacar el primer corte de la cara A, Handle With Care.

Proximamente, mas LPs from Sigma (with love).

Enjoy comments

17 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

De este album quiero destacar también el corte "Before You're Gone Away". Una balada de una gran calidad, como pocas. Gracias solsoul. Muy buen gusto.

Solsoul dijo...


Thanks to disco_magic blog for the upload.

Ahi lo teneis de nuevo, una joyita from sigma.

Mr. dijo...

oh snap. thanks for this one. your work is truly appreciated.

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks a lot.....Oh Yes!
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Anónimo dijo...

el link no funciona correctamente. Por favor cambialo

Anónimo dijo...

This is a great record. I don't think it's all Philly Sigler doing the production, because the track I'd Rather Switch sounds way too different. Maybe that was New York? I forget the credits on the 45.

The songs from this record have quite a number of different versions and mixes floating around, it's hard to keep track of them.

If you get the Collectables label CD, you don't get the same version of Handle With Care. They have a shorter mix with an intro that features a lot of horns. I don't have the 45, so I don't know if they used a 45 mix on that CD. Train Called Freedom is also different on the CD, even though it's a long mix too. Like you said, We're On The Right track was also recorded by Ultra High Frequency. The 45 of that version has an instrumental B side, in case anyone wanted to try mixing and extending the South Shore Commission track. Also, there is a Tom Moulton remix of the UHF track which he did for Disco Gold which is longer than the DG version by a minute or so, and runs over 6 min. It just features a longer outro, with more ad libbed vocals.
Lastly, Free Man has various edits floating around. There's the single 3 or 4 min/there was a 5 minute which was the long version on the single/there's the 7 minute which is on this record/and lastly, there's a 10 minute remix that Moulton put out on 12in on Half Moon records a few years ago.

Filly Phan

Anónimo dijo...

Hacia muchos años que no lo escuchaba y se me han puesto los pelos de punta, en especial con el tema Any Day Now, es magnífico. Gracias por este fantastico regalo que para mi no tiene precio.

albgardis dijo...

Thank you also for this one! Completely new to me!!

Gianni dijo...

we're on the right track is one of the most beautiful disco track from 70s.

Enrique dijo...

Hermoso disco y hermoso blog, grande hermano!!! Saludos desde México.

Bill_Crates dijo...

great album here thanks!

Anónimo dijo...

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