22 de junio de 2008

Walter Murphy | Rhapsody In Blue
Private Stock LP, 1977

A1 Love Eyes (5:00)
A2 Could It Be The Music (3:45)
A3 Sunflower (3:52)
A4 Rhapsody In Blue (3:50)

A5 It Ain't Necessarily So (3:13)

B1 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (4:30)
B2 Uptown Serenade (3:42)
B3 Fish Legs (Getdown Town) (3:41)
B4 The Only Two People In The World (3:25)
B5 You Are On My Mind (4:30)

Produced by Thomas J. Valentino and Walter Murphy
Written By George Gershwin (tracks: A4, A5) , Richard Rodgers (tracks: B1) , Walter Murphy (tracks: A1 to A3, B2 to B5)

Tracks B1 to B3 belong to the "New York City Suite".
Singer Maxine Waters is credited as Maxine Willard on B4.

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Solsoul dijo...



Silk Electric dijo...

Gracias Solosul...
Tanto tiempo buscando un LP entyero de Walter.
Creo que este voy a disfrutarlo sin duda.

Fozzibaer dijo...

many thx :-)

Djalma dijo...

Great one! Thanks!


Anónimo dijo...

Solsoul thank u for this post never heard of this guy but i have heard of private stock so many thanx.

Que Rico dijo...

thank you !!

eloleg dijo...

Gracias... ya lo baj

Roger1 dijo...

thank you

Jazzsoulman dijo...

Thank's a lot

Gianni dijo...

thank you

albgardis dijo...

Wow - this is a Disco Album!

I would have never guessed that by the cover! Ha!

I am always picky with piano players, because that can turn out badly and annoying at times. But sometimes it can be great as well. You just never know if you don't know the artist.

So I was a bit suspicious about this album, got other albums first which I knew I would love.

Now I gave it a chance and surprise surprise - this is very pleasant music. It is Disco, not pling pling pling stuff.

And shame on me: this dude is on the Saturday Night Fever Album, which of course I have - and I never took notice of him...

Thank you Solsoul for teaching me a lesson about my own ignorance.

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Anónimo dijo...

Muchas gracias como alguien dijo anteriormente , tampoco tenia ni un album de el.