24 de septiembre de 2007

Al Wilson - La La Peace Song (Bell Records LP, 1974)

Al Wilson
La La Peace Song
(Bell Records LP, 1974)

La La Peace Song (3:22)
A Stones Throw (3:04)
Medley: I Won't Last A Day Without You/Let Me Be The One (5:52)
Goin' Through The Motions (3:16)
Passport (2:37)
I'm A Weak Man (3:24)
Fifty-Fifty (3:08)
The Longer We Stay Together (4:58)
Willoughby Brook (3:43)
You're The One Thing (Keeps Me Goin') (3:07)

Solsoul's Cut Choice
B2 - Fifty-Fifty

A partir de ahora, a cada LP que suba al blog, elegiré un corte que será el que mas me guste y asi, servira tambien para que os hagais una idea de como es el LP y escuchar de un plumazo la cancion en si mientras esparais a que se descargue el album.

En esta ocasion, destaco del notable album de Al Wilson "La la Peace Song" el corte "Fifty-Fifty", absolutamente maravilloso de principio a fin, una joya del soul atemporal y que debe ser escuchada por todos y cada uno de vosotros.

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Soul Gentleman dijo...

Hi/Hola Soulsoul!
I'm always a Soulbrother (Philly Game) but now Soul Gentleman is my new nick because it's less common.
Thanks a lot for Al Wilson,his album is marvellous (what a pity only 128); do you have Show and Tell too?
Have a great time
Soul Gentleman

Anónimo dijo...

thank you

albgardis dijo...

128 is fine with me!

There is a german saying, translated it would go like

"Don't look into the mouth of a horse that you got for free"

meaning: if you get a gift, you don't make demands about quality.

I am very happy to get this wonderful album, and 128 is good enough for me. If anybody wants a 320 version, I am sure it is up for sale at itunes, isn't it?

Thank you Solsoul, you make such a great job here, your work is outstanding! And this album is another great one!

Anónimo dijo...

no me jodas nano, el cut choice tiene que ser you're the one thing