8 de septiembre de 2007

Lou Rawls, We'll Never Find Another Man Like Lou

LLegamos a uno de los momentos mas destacados e importantes de este blog, ya que Lou Rawls fue (y es) todo un hito, no solo dentro de el sonido de filadelfia, sino de la música en general.
Vamos a repasar toda la discografia de Lou Rawls en Filadelfia, no obstante, cabe destacar que Rawls no empezó ni mucho menos ahi, ni tampoco acabó, aunque si que es cierto que sus exitos ams rotundos y basicamente, su edad dorada fue en la ciudad of broderly love.

Antes de nada, repasemos un poco la biografia de este hombre, de la mano de wikipedia.

Lou Rawls was a high school classmate of music giant Sam Cooke, and they sang together in the Teenage Kings of Harmony, a 50s gospel group.

After Rawls graduated from Chicago's Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, Rawls enlisted in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. He left the "All-Americans" three years later as a Sergeant, and hooked up with The Pilgrim Travelers as he traveled to Los Angeles. In 1958, while touring the South with the Travelers and Sam Cooke, Rawls was in a serious car crash. Rawls was actually pronounced dead before arriving at the hospital, where he stayed in a coma for five and a half days. It took him months to regain his memory, and a year to fully recuperate. Rawls considered the event to be life-changing.

In 1959, Rawls, along with Dick Clark as master of ceremonies, performed at the Hollywood Bowl. Rawls was signed to Capitol Records in 1962, the same year he sang the soulful background vocals on the Sam Cooke recording of "Bring it on Home to Me." Rawls himself charted with a cover of this song in 1970 (with the title shortened to "Bring It On Home").

Rawls' first Capitol solo release was Stormy Monday (a.k.a. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water), a jazz album. On August 21, 1966, Rawls opened for The Beatles at Crosley Field in Cincinnati.

Though his 1966 album Live! went gold, Rawls wouldn't have a star-making hit until he made a proper soul album, appropriately named Soulin', later that same year. The album contained his first R&B #1 single, "Love Is a Hurtin' Thing". 1967 saw Rawls win his first Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance, for the single "Dead End Street".

After leaving Capitol in 1971, Rawls joined MGM, at which juncture he released his Grammy-winning single "Natural Man." He had a brief stint with Bell Records in 1974, where he recorded a cover of Hall & Oates' "She's Gone." In 1976, Rawls signed with Philadelphia International Records, where he had his greatest album success with the million-selling All Things in Time. The album produced his most successful single, "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine", which topped the R&B and Adult Contemporary charts and went to number two on the pop side, becoming Rawls' only certified million-selling single in the process. Subsequent albums, such as 1977's When You've Heard Lou, You've Heard It All yielded such hit singles as "Lady Love". Other releases in the 1970s included the classic album Sit Down And Talk To Me. In 1982, Rawls received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to an Associated Press article, dated December 19, 2005, Rawls tried to annul his two-year marriage to Nina Malek Inman Rawls in order to "protect hundreds of thousands of dollars" that his wife "absconded" with. Mrs. Rawls, who acted as his manager for two years, explained that she transferred nearly US$350,000 of his into an account she solely controlled in order to prevent one of Rawls' daughters from seizing it. The couple had a son together, Aiden Allen Rawls.

In December 2005, it was announced that Rawls was being treated for lung and brain cancer. Rawls died on January 6, 2006 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles from complications of the cancers, with his wife at his side. Besides his wife and youngest son, he leaves behind two adult daughters - Louanna Rawls and Kendra Smith, and an adult son, Lou Rawls, Jr.

Seguidamente, su discrografia!

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soulero 61 dijo...

Sólo añadiría, a esta resumida biografía artística, su faceta de baladista en las orquestas de Onzy Matthews y Benny Carter y sus últimos discos en Blue Note ("At Last", el mejor en mi opinión). También, su faceta de actor secundario en el cine y, sobretodo en series de televisión, como en "Los vigilantes de la noche", donde representaba el papel de dueño de un club musical.

En lo íntimo y personal, fue un gran comprometido con las causas sociales, aportando grandes sumas al negro College Found y otras instituciones y dando muchos conciertos benéficos. Lo que pasa es que como musicalmente fue (ES) tan enorme, eso es algo que nunca necesitó publicitar como hacen algunas estrellas de rock. Honestidad al 100%. Curiosamente, Gamble & Huff, que tantas letras socialmente comprometidas compusieron para los O'Jays o Harold Melvin, en el caso de Rawls, el tema siempre es el sentimental.

A mi, siempre me quedará la espina clavada de cuando actuó en Barcelona, en el Palau de la Música en Enero de 1992 y me enteré en Marzo, a pelota pasada, a través del Rock deLuxe!!


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