10 de diciembre de 2007

Michael Pedicin, Jr. | Michael Pedicin, Jr.
Philadelphia International Records LP, 1979

03. YOU

All selections produced by:
Michael Pedicin Jr. except "That's a good one"
produced by Michael Pedicin Jr., Bill Bloom and
Frankie Smith.

Arranged by: 1.Evan Solot; 2.John L.Usry jr.
Engineered by Peter Humphreys
Assistan Engineer: Bill Dorman
Mastering Engineer: Nimitr Sarikananda

Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Recording Hits Since `68
Mastered at Frankford/Wayne.

A special thanks to The Jones Girls
thanks to Joe Tarsia.
A very special thanks to Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff
for listening and understanding.

Pedicin was a studio player at Philly -- with a sweeping saxophone sound that showed up in more than a few good licks on the label's big hits. This album's one of two that he cut as a headliner, and it's sort of a smooth jazz affair, with touches of instrumental Philly. The record's not exactly that groundbreaking, but it does preface the 80s success of similar players like David Sanborn.

Thanks to Caryfran for this rare and excelent record!

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Solsoul dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for this one - can I return the favour and offer you a vinyl rip of Bobby Rush - Rush Hour?


Anónimo dijo...

Hi. Please post the albuns of McFadden & Whitehead, The Invitations, The Whitehouse Connection, Johnny Bristol, Teddy Pendergrass. Congrats for your blog. Donny Silva - São Paulo - Brasil

paros dijo...

my friend you dont know how happy you have made me..iv been hunting this fine album for donkeys years..thank you thank you thank you

Solsoul dijo...

Thanks to all.

Soul man Red, thank you so much but I already have it! Good album.

Donny, calm down. Im doing the best i can, so visit the blog periodically and you will find more music treasures on the way.

Thanks paros, a pleasure. Music like this had to be shared or it will be losted!

soulero-61 dijo...

Hola de nuevo, Philly - enferm@s!!

Un millón de gracias una vez más a los Gamble-Huff hispanos, el tándem Solsoul - Caryfran!

(imagínate, Soulsoul, hasta qué punto amo esta música, que, aunque aún no me pueda descargar nada, ya flipo en colores viendo las carátulas y leyendo los créditos... cuando pueda descargarla ya es que igual levito y todo...)

Por cierto, si conservas el listado que te mandé y te interesa algo para ripearlo, un día quedamos in person y te lo paso (recuerda que tengo algún vinilo "very rare": Spiritual Concept, el "Now Is The Time" de los Blue Notes, el "Feelin' Good At The Cadillac Club" y el "Ebony Woman" de Billy Paul,...)

Salu2 efusivos for (wake up) everybody

Kosta dijo...

Song for Sherry
That's a Good One
are the tracks i have from this lp, but never had it full..

big dijo...

Hi Solsoul, i discovered your blog few days before, many thanks for sharing good sounds.
I don't know michael pedicin, so i will try it,

Kosta dijo...

i listened to this rip and say THANKS....but allow me to say that the recording quality of this Caryfran rip sounds like a baby-walkie-talkie,,,i'll have to put this album in my wanted list again...don't take it bad but here we're very far from the standard quality that we are used to in this blog

Solsoul dijo...

Thanks Kosta for comment your (in the case negative) thoughts. No problem but let me say you one thing:
First, this is not a rip of mine, but actually it didnt sound that bad. Youy have to asume that we do our best, and theres sometimes the disc are far from good condition due to his "rarity" condition and the past of years.
I dont make a pseudo-profesional master and cleaning job like, for exemple, smooth does (My Jazz World Blog).

Let me say you that, if you really wants that record on its full dynamic range, look for it on ebay and musicstack, there are some copies which can be easyly on Near Mint condition. Clean it, rip it, master it yourself, sit down, and enjoy listening.

Please dont take me wrong i respect all the opinions but you (not you in particular but all visitors) have to understand that its not always easy to get rare and mint condition vinyls..

Now and go on i will write a little note on the post telling you the quality sound of the vinyl, just like this:

Sound Quality: Notable, EX, Acceptable, Bad...


albgardis dijo...

Hello again, what a great album is this!! I did not know it before, but now that you introduced me to so many fine musicians from Sigma Studios in Philadelphia, I gave it a try - and I love it, it really is great! Very jazzy!

I am upset about the comment left by Kosta, actually! How dare he complain about the sound quality of this FREE soundfile?? You have put so much effort in your blog, Solsoul, it is so wonderful, and of course not every record you find can be in mint sound condition. everyone who collects vinyl seriously knows that. I have spend a fortune on vinyls myself, and often you have to decide bewteen "not having it" or "mediocre sound quality".
And as you already mentioned, of course everyone is free to buy a mint copy for himself.

I didn't find any flaws in your copy, actually!!!!! It sounds fine to me!

in german we have a saying about presents, it translates to: "Don't look into the mouth of a horse that was given to you for free". In german it actually rhymes...
(Horse farmers checked a horse's health by a look on their teeth)

So I think it is not cool to complain about a gift you received for free. And again I want to give my thanks to Solsoul who provided another fantastic album which I would have never heard without this blog!!

dom dijo...

hello master

first thanks a lot for your great blog and your work for real music listeners
i'm a fan of it!!
please can you put a link for the LP of Michael Pedicin, Jr. 1979
thanks in advance!