22 de junio de 2007

The Miracles - City Of Angels LP (Tamla, 1975)

Prueba del exito del sonido de filadelfia y su imparable extension a lo largo de todo el mundo es este album de "The Miracles", que fue sacado por nada mas y nada menos que la "rival" Motown.
Descubrí este LP hace solo unas semanas, y la verdad es que me sorprendió gratamente. Una produccion que bien podria ser de lo mejor de PIR.

Mas info aqui (en ingles)

"City Of Angels" finally cut the umbilical cord between the old and new Miracles. Featuring an array of new musical effects, including water drums and synthesizers, the ambitious concept album examined the pleasures and pitfalls of Hollywood and the star system.
Listened to in sequence, the songs told the story of a country girl named Charlotte who seeks fame and fortune in Los Angeles. When her boyfriend Michael follows her to the city of Angels, he becomes the star. "Love Machine" is his ironic description of himself after becoming a celebrity.
Standing alone, "Love Machine" was a synthesizer-heavy, pulsing disco smash. Too long to release as a commercial single, (a promotional-only 12" was issued Motown Pro-009 in late 1975) Motown divided it into two parts, and the first half became the hit-side. It entered Billboard's Hot 100 at number 90 on October 25, 1975. It took 19 weeks to hit the top of the charts, and it remained on the Hot 100 for an astounding 28 weeks, making it the the most successful single in the 16 year chart history of the Miracles and one Motown's best selling singles ever.


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