15 de agosto de 2007

Charles Mann - Say You Love Me Too (ABC Records LP, 1973)

Charles Mann
Say You Love Me Too
(ABC Records, 1973)

A1. It's All Over (3:00)
A2. Together We Make (3:31)
A3. Do It Again (5:31)
A4. You Came Out Of Nowhere (3:18)

A5. Be Real Black For Me (3:17)

B1. Say You Love Me Too (3:33)
B2. I Can Feel It (2:58)

B3. Very Lonely (3:33)

B4. If You Could See Me Now (4:42)

B5. Stop (3:27)


Drums: Earl Young
Bass: Ronnie Baker
Guitars: Norman Harris
Roland Chambers
Eli Tartasky
Conga: Larry Washington
Keyboard: Charles Mann
Dave Crawford
Lenny Pakula
Vibes: Vince Montana
Strings: Don Renaldo

Engineers: Joe Tarsia, Carl Parvole, Jay Mark
Produced by Dave Crawford
Arrangers: Norman Harris, Ronnie Baker, Vince Montana

Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA.

Y hoy os traigo un LP bastante dificil de escuchar, "Say You Love Me Too" del compositor y musico Charles Mann, que se grabó en SSS en 1973 con toda la artilleria MFSB.

Se trata de un buen album del que yo me quedo con la cara A, y sus tres primeros cortes, realmente sublimes: "It's All Over", "Together We Make" y "Do It Again", la primera y tercera 2 uptempos de gran calidad en los arreglos y la segunda una balada realmente conmovedora.
En la segunda cara tenemos el buen corte tambien y que da titulo al album "Say You Love Me Too" que bien podrian haber firmado los Delfonics.

Echadle un vistazo antes de que desaparezca, vale la pena!

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cOSMO dijo...

AMAZING!!! thankyou



Solsoul dijo...

Hey mate, thankyou for the comment.

Nice to see you in my philly blog. the best soul sounds of the history!

cOSMO dijo...

what happened to that blog.. it gone.. you had some brilliant post. that spanky wilson joint was a revelation for me


wkc dijo...

What an absolute gem! Thank you for sharing.

Kosta dijo...

Did not know this Charles Mann...simply WONDERFUL!

Kosta dijo...

amazing recording quality...192 would have been perfect too..

Que Rico dijo...

thanks soooo much for this !!

albgardis dijo...

A big thank you to you!
I did not know him before listening to this great album. Really great!