15 de octubre de 2007

Carolyn Crawford - If You Move, You Lose / Good And Plenty (PIR 12", 1975)

Carolyn Crawford
If You Move, You Lose / Good And Plenty
Philadelphia International Records 12"

Produced by Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff
Arranged by
Bobby Martin* & Leon Huff**

*If You Move, You Lose
**Good And Plenty

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi, Love your blog.
How do I download the songs
uploaded to goear.com?

ellepidi dijo...

Great songs, very good blog, i love Phillysound

Anónimo dijo...

Any chance of re-upping this one. Just discovered her Nice and Soulful LP and I cannot stop listening to it. Really sweet.
Great blog, really diggin the Philly sounds. Keep it up


albgardis dijo...

Ja, hi, I also would like to know how to download this "personales" files.

When I click it, it says it downloads, but there is no timesframe, no data, nothing, I doubt this works.

With my dial-up I will need such info, to make sure it does work. I must know the size in advance, in order to decide wether it makes sense to even start.

A file bigger than 10 MB I need to send as link to my husband's office, so he can download it there with a fast connection.

BUT: I cannot find any link here!
I am confused! Please help!