19 de octubre de 2007

Street People - Street People (Vigor Records LP, 1976)

Street People
Vigor Records LP, 1976

All songs arranged & conducted by Charlie Callello, except A1/B3 by Bert DeCoteaux
Produced by Ray Dahrouge

Recorded at the Hill Factory, NYC.
Mastered at Frankford-Wayne Recording Labs, Philadelphia.

Side A
A1. Never Get Enough Of Your Love - 4:40
A2. Don't Leave Mec Hangin' When You Hang Up - 3:31

A3. Wanna Slow Dance With You Baby (at the disco) - 3:39

A4. Gotta Get Back With You - 3:18

A5. Re-Run (from an old time movie) - 3:33

Side B

B1. Wanna Spend My Whole Life With You, Baby - 3:34
B2. Flippin' A Coin - 3:26
B3. You're My One Weakness, Girl - 3:04
B4. Liberated Lady - 3:29
B5. You're The Girl I Love - 3:36

The Street People were a group from New Jersey consisting of Roy Daniels, Milton Daniels, Tom Williams, Joe Gardner, and Rick Johnson. Their one and only album on Vigor Records in 1976, yielded five singles: "Never Get Enough Of Your Love," You're My One Weakness Girl,"I Wanna Spend My Whole Life With You," "Liberated Lady," and the most successful "Wanna Slow Dance With You Baby (At The Disco)." The album was actually recorded in New York City, but was mastered at the Frankford-Wayne Recording Labs in Philadelphia. The music's distinctive 'Sound Of Philadelphia' flavor is due to local producer Ray Dahrouge who also wrote all of the songs on the album. The group unfortunately disbanded in 1977.


Aquí teneis el primer y unico LP de este poco conocido grupo de Nueva Jersey, realmente sorprendente y muy bueno. Puro sonido philly, aun sin haber sido grabado en Sigma (aunque si masterizado). Todos los cortes son muy buenos, destacando "Never Get Enough Of Your Love", "Don't Leave Me Hangin' When You Hang Up" y "You're My One Weakness Girl".
Disfrutarlo con este rip @320kbps!

P.S: Thanks To Gregg for the additional info and your effort! Keep it up!

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Mystic Melvin dijo...

I have copies of "Never get enough"&"Wanna spend my whole life"but iv'e never seen the LP. before,cheers for a great post,

Solsoul dijo...

Yeah, the Lp is very rare, but awesome! Cool, cool sounds from this group, unfurtenately disbanded one year later, in 1977.

The ballad "Wanna Slow Dance With You Baby (at the disco)" is one of my favs right now!


Cosmo dijo...
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Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for the music!

Anónimo dijo...

wow the Street People, I really love the album and I will give them a new hear !!!

©                                                                                                                 dijo...

Hey! nice blog! Is there anyshance of a re-up on this album?

Anónimo dijo...

holy shit...heard that "You're My One Weakness, Girl", wow...great intro!!!! would like to hear the full album, any chance of a re-up...anybody...got trade options, no doubt