30 de octubre de 2007

Fantastic Four - Got To Have Your Love (Westbound Records LP, 1977)

Fantastic Four
Got To Have Your Love
Westbound Records LP, 1977

A1. She'll Be Right For Me (3:17)
A2. Mixed Up Moods And Attitude (5:35)

A3. There's Fire Down Below (6:25)

A4. Ain't I Been Good To You (3:06)

B1. Cash Money (4:46)

B2. I Got To Have Your Love (5:13)

B3. Disco Pool Blues (4:49)

B4. Give Me All The Love You (3:38)

Uno de los mejores albums de este grupo que comenzó su andadura a mediados de los 60 y que que se pasó a la musica disco en los 70s. "I Got To Have Your Love" fue su mayor éxito, un buen tema de baile con toque philly, posiblemente de la mano de Tom Moulton, a cargo de la mezcla.

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Anónimo dijo...

really great album from a great group :-) thx for this album.. and a great Blob!!!

Raphy dijo...

My Gosh, How did I Miss This....


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Please a new link.

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Hoohoohoo, sniff, this link is expired! Coul you, maybe, re-up? Thank you!

Please don't take that bad, I am aware you have probably other things to do than just getting music addictionados like me their fix. I mean, just if you have the time, of course.