31 de octubre de 2007

Little Anthony & The Imperials - On A New Street (Avco Records LP, 1973)

Little Anthony & The Imperials
On A New Street
Avco Records LP, 1973

1. I'm Falling In Love With You (3:50)
2. Lazy Susan (2:47)
3. The Loneliest House On The Block (3:54)

4. I Don't Have Time To Worry (3:19)

5. La La La At The End (4:12)

6. That's What Love Is All About (3:37)

7. What Good Am I Without You (3:13)
8. Sonner Or Later (3:01)

9. Loving You Won't Hurt As Much Tomorrow (3:13)
10. Heartaches Never Entered My Mind (3:37)

11. Easier Said Than Done (4:15)

Avco divided this project between two producers, Side A being the Thom Bell side and Side B the Teddy Randazzo side. The Randazzo sides fall short of previous productions. "That's What Love Is All About" is a decent midtempo number, but had no chance of competing with the O'Jays, Temptations, Stylistics, Dramatics, and others. "Sooner or Later"'s doo-wop leanings makes it sounds awfully dated. "Heartaches Never Entered My Mind" is the best of the Randazzo songs; Anthony sings with genuine emotion. "Easier Said Than Done" attempts to rekindle the magic of past Randazzo/Little Anthony & the Imperials collaborations, but falls short. The Bell sides save the LP.

Anthony's reading of "I'm Falling In Love With You" is simply beautiful; the sound is typical Bell, except that he lets
the Imperials croon the backing blends without any female supplement. Thom Bell and Linda Creed's "Lazy Susan" and "I Don't Have Time to Worry" reminds you of the Spinners; before the Little Anthony project came along, I'm sure these were on the Spinners to-do list. Both could have used a little less formula, but the latter does provide a vocal workout for Anthony. Blue Magic comes to mind when listening to "The Loneliest House On the Block"; a muted trumpet accents the breaks, and the song is almost as sad as "Sideshow."

Anthony has a nice tone on "La, La, At the End," a quiet stormer that floats along some melodic grooves; the arrangement will have you swaying in your seat, as muted backing vocals chime briefly on the chorus, accented by a babbling trumpet and Anthony's signature lead.

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Stevensoull dijo...

Fantastic Post...
Many Many Thanks...
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Solsoul dijo...

Yeah, great album.

Well, sharabee uploads either rapidshare and others.. thats better isn't?

soulero-61 dijo...

No sé s ilo he comentao en arguna ocasión, pero sigo siendo un marginao sosial sin ADSL, con lo cuá, no puedo opinar sobre este álbum. Había leído una buena crítica de Patricia Godes...

Por cierto, en la foto del grupo no veo a Sammy Strain (a partir del 76, miembro de The O'Jays, en sustitución de Bill Powell, cuando éste murió). tenía entendido que dejó The Imperials para incorporarse a los O'Jays sin solución de continuidad. Lo que s'aprende en este blog, :-)

Para quien no lo haya escuchado, lo que es una gozada es el tema de "Hair", "Let The Sunshine In" en que Little Anthony canta con uba voz se tenor tipo doo-woOpera / Ópera - Soul!! Lo tengo en el "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" (LP sin desperdicio), y, cuando lo pincho es un ritual, tengo que poner la "intro" hasta cuatro veces... qué voz, ladys & gentlemans!!

Bueno, no os doy + el cognazo. Salu2 efusivos!

wkc dijo...

Thanks for a wonderful share! This is a rare gem that should have had more attention years ago.

Solsoul dijo...

Por cierto soulero, sabes que ya tengo entre mis manos el Potpourri de Thad Jones & Mel Lewis que grabaron en Sigma para PIR? xDD

Tranquilos, proximamente en vuestro blog favorito. (mas vale que te pongas ADSL ya macho.. xD)

Se avecinan buenos discos: Don Covay, Gabor Szabo, Executive Suite 1 (si amigos, lo tengo!), Fania All-Stars Cross Over, Caesar Frazier...


Solsoul dijo...

como veis aqui se va a armar una buena: philly, soul, funk, disco, salsa, jazz..


soulero-61 dijo...


Me va a dar argo! :-) No tendrás la versión del "Ain't No Stoppin' us Now" que hizo Fania...?!

En cuanto a Thad Jones, ... es que los trompetistas, me pierden, aaargg... A veces, durante días sólo escucho Donald Byrd, Thad Jones (un Cd con su hermano Jo Jones), John Faddis,...
(No olvides las prometidas aparisiones estelares de Cleveland Eaton, Soul Survivors... y si encontraras, encontreres u encontrases los LP's de Jean Claude T, Michael Pedicin o Elosise Laws produced by Thom Bell o nancy Wilson produced by Gamble-Huff...) Y..., bueno, basta! :-)) (por pedir q no quede).

La q se armará si celebramos la trobada: vendrán hasta los mossos d'esquadra (y las mosses de paralex!) y... se quedarán a bailar!

Anónimo dijo...

many thx for this album :-) sounds really great!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Excelent !!!! Thanks ! Elias - Brasil

¡Mateo es así! dijo...

This is so beautiful. Thank you.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, dijo...

Very interesting album!
Thank you for sharing it!

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Regis dijo...

este link não é mais válido. Tem como repostar o disco?