8 de enero de 2024

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2 comentarios:

Steve dijo...

Dear Javier,
I remember you had posts on ''librarymusicthemes.com''.
Now the site seems to be down. Do you know what happened? is there a new Link?
Sorry if I ask, but I couldn't find any infos so far.
Please, I would be very grateful if you have news about that site.
Thank You very much in advance.
Nice Greetings,

Anónimo dijo...

Hello Javier,

Iam curious how come you deicided to go on Instagram?
What is wrong with twitter/X?
You are already poasting there..
Instagram sucks ass.

Ps. Well if you really go there and stop posting here and on twitter i will have no choice..but to make,fucking,zuckerberg/instagram/meta account.