28 de noviembre de 2007

Caress // Caress
P&P Records LP, 1977

Side One
A1 Opportunity
A2 I Just Want To Be A Part Of You
A3 Just Like In The Movies
A4 I Just Want To Spend My Life With You

Side Two
B1 Brand New Love
B2 Family Man
B3 Lies, Lies, Lies
B4 I Can't Let You Walk Away

Producer, Arranged By - Patrick Adams
Vocals Arranged By - Ed Carpenter

Producer - William "Wild Bill" Scholl (tracks: A1, A2, B1, B3)

Recorded at Minor Sound Studios
White Plains, N.Y.


A massively soulful album from legendary producer Patrick Adams and a key transitional set that bridges his earlier work on the east coast harmony scene, and his later club classics for P&P! Caress have a sweetly breaking vocal style that's simply wonderful, as great as any of the older groups that Adams worked with, like Ace Spectrum or Black Ivory.

An incredibly soulful lush string and horn arrangements give Caress a very mellow laid back sound. They really sparkle on the gentle tunes and update an early 70s harmony soul approach with a few nicely placed mellow soul touches. A few tunes pick up the groove a bit more, sliding into a sweet Philly-styled groove that features Caress and Adams running neck and neck with the best of the Sigma scene at the time, all warmth, love, and rhythm, without any of the colder touches that show up more on the P&P work. The whole thing's great; an overlooked east coast classic that rivals the best indie underground harmony soul albums of the decade.

Un grandisimo album, salido de la mente de Patrick Adams, que anteriormente ya habia trabajado en Sigma y que tras el abandono de Vincent Montana Jr., se hizo cargo de la Salsoul Orchestra.
Para definir este album solo se me ocurre una palabra: soulful. Con un aire increiblemente philly con unos arreglos ultra soulful, es una de las sorpresas mas agradables de entre las rarezas de los 70.

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Solsoul dijo...

Listen it here:

Feel free to comment it, thanks!

funkchild dijo...

greatly appreciated fantastic post many thx

Salinas dijo...

Very nice...but mono(sigh!)

discokid dijo...

seems whole world have just one rip
this is mono as usually :(
thx btw (it will be #4 copy of same rip)

Solsoul dijo...

hey discokid, if you dont like it, go ebay or musicstack and buy it.
its that simple.

All i do is give to the people the stuff to liste to it. If someone like the music, then buy it!!

dont care if its mono or whatelse. Its just enough to listen to the whole album and know if i like it or not.

soulero-61 dijo...

Jopé!, en mi caso (y de momento), sólo viendo las carátulas, leyendo los créditos u ocasionalmente escuchando algún sample (si dura poco), ya flipo en colores y no te hago un monumento en agradecimiento porque no soy escultor, jajajajja!!

No habrá entre tan ingente discografía como tienes, algún álbum titulao "Ungrateful Dogs", para colgarlo y dedicárselo a algun@? Jajjjajaja... Buen rollo y Soul Food, colega.

discokid dijo...

sorry solsul. No rush from my side, and i gave you my thx, but you can type in comment that it is not your own rip or it's mono, thats all.
i have slow connection and i love
patrick adams anyway. just sad
it same thing that i have alredy.

wkc dijo...

Solsoul - thanks for sharing.

Anónimo dijo...

well, thx for the album :-) and thx for sharing it...

albgardis dijo...

Very enjoyable album,
thanks again!

Anónimo dijo...

Discokid - you are a fuckin tard of the highest order!