18 de mayo de 2007

Skip Mahoney / The Intruders / The Trammps

Hoy Viernes, triple regalo:

Skip Mahoney - Janice
(Salsoul, 1980)

The Intruders - A Nice Girl Like You
(TSOP, 1974)

The Trammps - Hold Back The Night
(Buddah, 1975)

3 comentarios:

BIG-ONE dijo...

Good blog thnx
I posted Key Hano - Love Boat Theme
for you on my blog


Solsoul dijo...

You are the fucking Philly-Master-Collector! heheh
Many Many Thanks for that share bro!
Im preparing my next philly-session and i wanted that cover version of the love boat, its a nice version.
Also there is a cover by The Salsoul Orchestra, Charo on the vocals, very good.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, dijo...

Thanks for the Re-post!!