16 de mayo de 2007

7inch: The Trammps - Where Do We Go From Here (PIR, 1974)

Single 7" Where Do We Go From Here de The Trammps, lanzado en 1974 para Philadelphia International. Producido por la florinnata del sonido philly, es decir, Earl Young , Norman Harris y Ron Baker, con arreglos de éste ultimo y gran bajista.

Un canción muy característica de este grupo. Si no has escuchado nada de ellos, este track te dará una idea, a pesar de no ser de los mas conocidos del grupo, como puedan serlo el Disco Inferno o Hold Back The Night.

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albgardis dijo...

Many thanks for this track! I could download it myself at home, so easy, even with a dial-up.

I like the song very much! But I have never heard it before, at least in West Germany it might not have been such a hit at the time.
So now I am glad to re-discover all the old tracks here.

And the weirdest: guess where I am living today? No, not Philly. But in Pennsylvania, about 2 hours from Philly away. I have been to that city 2 or 3 times, because my immigration office sits there. I must say, this is NOT a beautiful city, and I make a point to not stay there too long. But maybe I am just a country girl and not fit for any city...
Anyway, I like the music though!